When is it time to invest in a time & attendance system?

When is it time to invest in a time & attendance system?

Money is a terrible thing to waste – and to waste time is even worse. You’re in the game of building a great business, but are your employees team players? Perhaps it’s time to create a culture of employee discipline in your business by implementing a time and attendance management system.


Are you aware that your company could be spending more money than it should be due to a lack of employee discipline?  Ouch! offers solutions that can help you minimize employee expenses.


The impact of lagging employee discipline on your company


What if there was a system that could give you peace of mind by sending you a message every day, providing you with the names of employees who are late, absent or those who left early the previous day? Imagine being able to access and manage all this information from anywhere in the world?  What would it feel like to save money every month with this system that instills employee discipline by managing late arrivals, absenteeism and a misuse of company time? Would life be a lot easier if you had a fully integrated payroll and attendance system that provided pay slips at the click of a button? All this and more is possible when you install an Ouch! biometric time and attendance management terminal.


You started your business by following your dream and then, when you needed extra help to run the business, you started hiring people believing that you could put your trust in them.  But unfortunately not every person you hire can be trusted. You thought that if you shared your for your business with your employees, they would be just as enthusiastic about growing your business as you are.  You thought that if you provided your employees with a manual attendance system that they would be truthful when filling in their hours, but that turned out to be incorrect. This is a common mistake that is made by enthusiastic business owners.  


In reality your business processes need to be planned around your weakest player to ensure that you are always prepared no matter what.  Your business needs to be built on a fail proof, tamper proof system that people can trust.


By introducing an efficient and effective time and attendance system, you will give your Human Resource environment immediate structure, which will create disciplined employees, resulting in a salary bill cost saving.  In our experience, companies like yours saved 10-15% on their salary bill when they introduced our system. In order for you to start saving money, one of our expert business analysts will come see you so that they can analyze your situation and provide you with the best solution to fit your company.  We don’t provide you with the system and send you on your way. We launch a project where we hold your hand for 1 month to ensure that you are educated about the system, and to ensure the system is benefitting your company. We never leave you to figure it out on your own and always provide you with the support you need, which in the end guarantees results.


Ouch! is backed by over 19 years of experience in time and attendance management solutions. Ouch! systems are affordable, state of the art, and easy to use.


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