Zeroslack – On and off-site employee attendance management

Zeroslack – On and off-site employee attendance management

Zeroslack is a great tool to manage time and attendance in
your business, but what do you do if you want to know what employees are doing
that work off-site, or out in the field?

After launching Zeroslack, our clients almost unanimously
started asking about off-site employee management, and we realised there was a dire
need to track these employees and their activities. These employees frequently
use company resources like vehicles and tools, and if you don’t manage these
resources, it leads to avoidable hidden costs.  Examples of this could be salespeople, safety
representatives, field engineers, technicians and consultants.

The question was how do we track what time they got to their clients, sites or meeting locations and how much time were they spending there?

That’s why we added “Here and gone” to our feature set. It combines the time and attendance tracking of on-site employees as well as off-site employees.

Here’s how it

By simply clicking on one button called “Here and gone,” the App takes you to a map that shows you your current position. If Zeroslack recognises the area as the employee’s workplace, the app will clock the employee in or out to record their time and attendance (for purposes of reporting on absenteeism, late arrivals, early departures, and overtime). The app clearly shows whether the employee is clocking “in” or “out” based on the previous activity. This information is then used to generate a comprehensive timesheet and pay sheet for the employee.

Should Zeroslack
recognise the area as a client, meeting location, or site, the app will ask the
user who they would be meeting with and record the time, the meeting place as
well as the contact and organisation they are visiting. This information is
used on the visitation report to track where the employee was at specific times
of the day, who they met with and how long they spent at the meeting.

Zeroslack is now able to not only track time and attendance
for your employees that work on-site, but also those that work off-site. Off-site
tracking and reporting gives you the following benefits:

  • Automated call sheets for salespeople, field technicians, safety representatives, and other off-site employees
  • Accurate GPS visit data which takes the guesswork out of understanding how your off-site employees are using their time
  • Accurate activity monitoring serves as powerful leading indicators to sales, preventative maintenance and safety violations. The more clients and sites are visited the higher the impact of your company’s involvement
  • Employees can add locations, contacts, and organisations, but they are flagged as unauthorised until the manager authorises those locations as valid locations

If you want to take control of your workforce attendance at your business and off-site, Zeroslack is the right choice. Download Zeroslack today!

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