Never late

Never late

I was at the airport yesterday boarding a flight when I was reminded how important it is to never be late.

As I was boarding and exchanging pleasantries with the check-in lady (she said her surname was also Howell- there aren’t that many of us) I noticed from the left of my view a frantic client banging on the glass windows with his bag. He was trying to stop the bus on the other side of the window. The check-in gate had closed and he was stuck on the wrong side of the window. The bus was leaving…

I noticed how stressed he was and how utterly disappointed he was that he had found himself on the wrong side of the glass. He pleaded with everybody around him, but no one could help him. It felt like such a hopeless situation.

I couldn’t help thinking about how this relates to the work I do. I always explain to my customers (and their employees) that it is vitally important that we understand the value of time. In this millennium it seems that we as business owners have become complacent when it comes to the importance of time.

Have we forgotten that there is only a finite amount of time to get to our dreams before we leave this earth? Have we forgotten that we can’t buy any more of it? Is it not wise to use time efficiently if there is so little of it?

Business owners don’t always realise how important it is to teach employees how valuable time is and how it should effectively be used to achieve our goals. All goals should be time-bound else they’re just dreams and hopes. And dreams and hope don’t make money. Working hard every available minute of the day is what makes us wealthy.

That guy at the airport learnt a valuable lesson. You see in life, I am afraid, there are glass doors just like the one at the airport. And if you take too long to get to your check-in counter, you might just find yourself on the wrong side of the glass, hopeless.

My wish for everyone I know is to make sure you value time and value what it can do for you if you use it effectively.

Never be late, especially if it benefits YOU.

Have an awesome day!


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