How to get out of bed when no one else is

How to get out of bed when no one else is

It’s Tuesday and this will be my last day on a business trip before I go on leave on Friday.

I must say its always difficult to stay focused in the last weeks of the year. Everybody seems to be in holiday mode. My wife’s organising Christmas parties and end of year lunches and all I can think of is how much I still have to do by the end of the year.

Even my kids think that when school finishes, Dad must be done working as well. Except Dad is still busy scratching cash together for Christmas presents (but I won’t tell them that).

Yesterday was especially challenging as I found myself awake early in the morning feeling lonely to be the only one getting ready for work. My house was desolate and I really had to muster all my energy to get out of my comfy bed (it was drizzling outside). But I did.

And the reason I did was that I follow a strict plan to structure my day. I realised many years ago that I cannot leave my day to chance. I have to have structure, because if I don’t, life has this cunning way to find something else for me to do, like snuggle up to my wife early in the morning, or stare at all the emptiness on my Facebook newsfeed.

So here is my morning routine. I set my alarm for 4:00am every morning. I make myself some coffee (decaf to start slow) and then I meditate for about 1 and a half hours. This includes listening to background music while journaling. It’s a time of peaceful reflection and a way to get my gameplan ready for the day ahead (I believe business is war and should be treated this way).

Around 5:30 am my 2-year-old daughter and my wife come knocking on the door. It’s such a precious time where I get to hug my two favourite girls. After about 15 minutes of chit chat, they leave and I check a couple of emails before I’m off to the shower at 6h30am. At 7:20 am I am dressed and ready to start my day.

Why am I telling you this? Because I felt lonely yesterday and I’m hoping that someone else out there had a similar experience and would share it with me. The other reason is to maybe inspire someone else to start a structured morning routine.

Putting structure in your life is such a fundamental foundation for a successful life. It’s especially useful in a time where you’re feeling unmotivated, uninspired and reckless (yes believe or not, Entrepreneurs sometimes feel this way!).

The structure has an amazing way of getting you back on the bicycle and in no time you’re peddling towards your goals. The Harvard Business Review has a great article on some research about getting up early. It seems the early bird does catch the worm after all. It’s also why I passionately believe we should all be more attentive to time and how we manage it. We cannot get time back and we cannot buy more of it.

Ouch! Technologies is a company I own that teaches employees how to structure their lives by keeping them accountable to the time they come to work and leave. Once you’ve structured your life, why not teach your employees the same. Structured employees are more effective employees and that has to mean a more effective business.

Have a great week and if you’re finishing up this week, remember, finish strong!


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