New Feature – Group Clocking on the Ouch! App

New Feature – Group Clocking on the Ouch! App

We have some great news!

We are releasing a new version of the Ouch! App for Android and IOS which will have group clocking as a new feature.

Now you can run the time and attendance for a small or micro business from one single phone and our website.

What this means is that a manager or supervisor who is responsible for a group of people will be able to clock the group of employees in and out from the convenience of his/her cellphone.

Most employees in South Africa do not own a smartphone and that is the reason for this feature. As long as the manager or supervisor is on-site with his/her smartphone you will be able to clock employees in or out.

The app still has all the previous features and every employee will be geo-located at the position that the supervisor clocks the employees.

Have a look at this video demonstration to see it in Action!

This is ideal for micro and small businesses that don’t want the larger investment of a fully-fledged clocking system. If your staff complement increases you can easily add one of our handheld hardware terminals.

What do you need to get started?

  1. A software license to use our website for reporting and editing
  2. The free messenger app from the App Store or Google Play

Contact us today to arrange a demo!

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