Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Ouch! mean?
Ouch! is an expression of the pain our clients describe when they tell us about their experiences in dealing with a lack of employee discipline in their company.
How long has Ouch! been in the time & attendance management industry?
Our passion for time management can be traced back through our rich, innovative history to the 1960’s when the first clocking system was produced. Ouch! emerged from this innovative environment in 2009 and today we have an expert team with over 19 years of experience in the industry.
What makes Ouch! different from other companies in this field?
Our expert team has the ‘pioneer’ status of developing the first South African Biometric terminal which uses our own hardware and software manufactured in-house, and is supported by our awesome aftersales support team that never leaves you to figure things out on your own.
Does Ouch offer access control products?
we can assist with basic access control, by connecting our terminals to your access system, e.g. turnstiles, allowing people who are registered to access the point.
What does cloud-based actually mean?
It refers to internet based storage. What this means is that resources and services like our Messenger software and collected data are made available to users on demand via the Internet.
Where is the data saved?
The Ouch! server infrastructure has a five-level redundancy, consisting of complete VM backups, replication and LogShipping. We have several security measures, ensuring our servers integrity and safeguarding our clients’ data.
What happens if the mobile network is down?
When the network for the clock is down due to a lack of signal, up to 16 000 transactions can be stored offline on the terminal which is then communicated to our server as soon as the connection is back up.
What happens if the power goes off?
In case of power failures or load shedding, our terminals are supported by a back-up battery (battery life defendant on the type of unit), which will then allow transactions to be recorded as usual.
Can we link to payroll?
Our system links with major payrolls such as VIP, Pastel, PSIber, Quickbooks and Abacus, among others.
How are the shifts set up?
We set up the rules of each shift according to your specific requirements. We know that each business has their own shift structure, so when we install your system we program your shifts to your rules.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, contact the Ouch! expert team on
0861 116 824