How to build a culture of discipline


I am about to show you how to save this money by building a culture of discipline in your business.

You’ve read my eBook and you’ve learnt the following:

  • Work and creativity needs boundaries.
  • People need boundary systems to prevent chaos
  • Discipline has to be measured – what you don’t measure people don’t respect
  • Discipline has to be a key performance indicator (KPI) in your business
  • Discipline needs constant improvement
  • Discipline is shaped by putting the right systems and processes in place

A disciplined environment, creates disciplined employees and disciplined employees are productive employees.

Productive employees, make more money, It’s a fact.

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  • Are your employees often absent?
  • Do your employees come late for work?
  • Do they leave early some afternoons?
  • Do you employees misuse unchecked overtime?

If you have answered yes to even some of these questions, you need to carry on reading.

All of the above are symptoms of a sick business. If you allow this to continue, you will lose money.

Calculate what you’re losing right now

Last year South African businesses lost R16-R19 Billion on absenteeism alone.
Let me show you, in my video below, how much of that was your money.
Use my calculator below to determine what you are losing every month right now!
  1. Adjust the top slider to the average salary that you pay per month
  2. Adjust the next 3 sliders to values that you think are possible
  3. Adjust the unauthorised overtime slider to a number that you think is possible in your company
  4. Adjust the last slider to the size of your workforce
Very few business owners realise the true impact of absenteeism, tardiness and a misuse of overtime.
I know, the number is always scary. Think how much money you’ve lost in the past 5 years because you have not been measuring discipline.
This has to stop!

Decide on a solution that will take care of this

The answer to your problem is the Ouch! time and attendance system.

It consists of the following:

  • Biometric hardware terminals to scan employees with fingerprints
  • Online software to draw reports from
  • A project team to set up your system
  • A support team to help you successfully run the system
Look how each of our features help you build a culture of discipline in your supermarket
Software feature Benefit to you
Daily absentee report on email every day Quickly react to absenteeism on a daily basis. If you react quickly to offenses, the impact is far more lasting
Daily late arrival and early departure report React to late arrivals and early departures on the same day, which will change the culture in your business immediately
Daily Absentee /Late arrival SMS to your phone If you travel a lot or are not at the office a daily sms will notify you when someone is absent. You know what’s going on even when you’re not there.
Timesheets Accurately calculated timesheets that take into account your specific shift structures and calculate normal time, overtime and double time (or up to 7 additional pay grades).
Short time report See how much time employees are short on the projected hours they should have worked
Access reports To check who entered and left the premises and at what times
Adjustment feature Adjust hours manually on the software to ease the management of incorrect clockings
Excel reports Reports can be exported to Excel for client specific editing
Labour expense report Report shows the total cost of labour for a specific site
Leave report A report that shows all the types of leave that the employees have taken and the amount of days per category
MIBCO compliant Our timesheets are MIBCO compliant if you are in the motor industry.
Customisable shift structures All you have to do is tell us how your shifts work and we make sure the system handles it
Hardware feature Benefit
One scan, no button. Compact and simple design. Scanning is simple and easy even for unschooled employees
Built in battery backup (6-12 hours depending on usage) No additional boxes that can fail. One unit with everything inside. System runs when there’s a power failure
Over 2000 fingerprints can be stored on one unit (on Messenger units) Large capacity for growth in employees
GSM communication No cabling and no connection to your IT system. Data is sent via GSM network to our server
Over the air updates All hardware updates can happen through GSM service
Generator/spike protection The hardware is safe to run on a generator supply
Access control for turnstiles Our hardware opens turnstiles or electronic locks to facilitate better control of doors and gates
Unit can store 14000 transactions on board If power fails or GSM network is down, the unit will continue to work and upload once everything is running again. Transactions will be stored on the terminal until the situation is resolved.
Less than 1 second scanning speed When you’re scanning multiple employees every second counts. Ideal for large work forces
On-board enrollment function Easily enroll new employees right on the terminal
Service feature Benefit
Dedicated Ouch! Project Manager for first 30 days Most new systems fail in the first month and by launching a hand-holding project for 30 days to ensure that our clients get what they pay for, guaranteed.
Software support with ticket logging system Time and attendance systems require involvement to keep the data accurate and relevant. Our support team is available on email, phone and via Zoom.
Hardware repairs and service exchange We develop and manufacture our own hardware and therefore our clients enjoy the benefits of low cost repairs and quick turnaround times
2 hours software training Our support staff could have you up and running in 2 hours from installing the hardware. Our software is that simple.

Why choose Ouch!?

At Ouch! our passion is to stop undisciplined employees from ruining your business.

A little about us:

  • Over 50 years of experience in time and attendance management
  • First to develop a cloud based time and attendance system in South Africa
  • First to develop a cloud based biometric terminal in South Africa
  • Over 55 000 users using our system country wide
  • We have branches in Gauteng, Free State, and the Western Cape
  • We develop and manufacture our own hardware and software and don’t make use of third party hardware
P.S. We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee!

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