Our Team

Meet the Team

Kevin Howell

Head of Innovation
Kevin Howell is the Founder, CEO and driving force behind Ouch! and the development of our time and attendance solutions.Raised in a family business environment, entrepreneurship is in Kevin’s blood and he has been pursuing his own ventures since the age of 15. He has successfully launched and managed five businesses over the last 27 years in IT, office equipment, irrigation and the mining industry. He has also earned qualifications in Engineering and Information Technology as well as an MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business Science. Kevin revolutionised employee attendance with the development of Ouch! time and attendance solutions. His approach was based on his passion for business development and the fostering of a productive and disciplined work environment.

Janine Jansen

Customer Relations Officer
In her role as Customer Relations Officer at Ouch! Janine has mastered client satisfaction and problem-solving. Janine has been a part of the Ouch! team for 13 years. She has earned Certificates in client relations, marketing and digital marketing along with extensive experience in ensuring that all Ouch! processes meet and exceed client expectations. Her love of working with people translates into a unique ability to pick up on potential problems and to solve them before they become a major issue for a client. She prides herself on her ability to foster strong relationships with all Ouch! clients making them feel comfortable enough to open up to her about any challenges that they may be facing in their business. As our Customer Relations Officer, Janine is an ambassador for our culture and business philosophy. She is fully committed to providing innovative and practical solutions that achieve the best result for any client.

Janelle Uys

Business Analyst
Janelle started at Ouch! four years ago as a receptionist and soon proved that she had the potential to succeed in sales – her true passion. Janelle is the Business Analyst for all Ouch! product sales in the Western Cape and liaises with our strategic partners across the country. In this position she assists new clients with vital information and educates business owners on how to implement Ouch! time and attendance solutions. Janelle is highly qualified and holds various certifications in customer services, finance and sales. Janelle prides herself on building relationships based on trust and dependability with her clients and does this by always delivering on what she promises. She embraces any opportunity to enlighten business owners about the importance of effective time and attendance management systems and the difference that this can make to their business.

Nadia Uys

Business Analyst
Nadia handles client sales as well as internal sales admin and has been a part of the Ouch! team since 2016. With 9 years of sales experience under her belt, Nadia is inspired by the way in which sales contribute to the growth of a company. She is a highly organised individual and has the ability to grow within a job, handle responsibility and build positive relationships. She focuses strongly on building long term relationships with her clients to make sure that she can be a part of their growth as well. She is also very willing to provide assistance in all Ouch! departments when they are short staffed. Nadia is committed to growing both professionally and as an individual and always strives to keep learning and improving her skill set as she believes that her greatest accomplishment is yet to come!

Lizelle Nel

General Manager
In fulfilling her role as General Manager, Lizelle is driven by her passion for business growth and success. Lizelle brings a wealth of knowledge to the Ouch! team backed by 14 years of experience and qualifications in sales management and marketing. She continuously investigates new processes to implement that will grow and enhance Ouch! and applies this same approach to our clients. She has a knack for analysing businesses and providing them with the solution best suited to their needs. Her ability to put herself in a client’s shoes gives her the benefit of seeing Ouch! solutions and our customers’ experience through their eyes. Based on this perspective, Lizelle ensures that we make continuous improvements that enhance our offering and service to our clients.

Graeme Wienand

Project Leader
In addition to being Project Leader at Ouch!, Graeme is a technical support specialist with over two decades of industry experience. Graeme has been part of the Ouch! team for over twenty years. He has played an instrumental role in the development of the business and helping Ouch! become what it is today. Graeme’s skills perfectly blend a technical mind-set with a passion for helping people – which is the embodiment of the Ouch! culture and approach to our solutions offering.

Pieter Bam

IT Support Technician
Pieter is the IT Support Technician for Ouch!. In this position, Pieter oversees the company’s cloud data system efforts with a strong focus on developing data retrieval processes.With an SQL qualification in Data Science, Pieter joined the Ouch! team in 2018 with the objective of building up his knowledge in data science for data retrieval. In time and attendance management, data retrieval for building client reports is a crucial function. Pieter is committed to ensuring that all data reported by Ouch! meets the needs and expectations of our clients and seeks out new opportunities to build on his expertise and enhance the ways in which he can help businesses optimise their efficiency and discipline.

Foula Loucaides

Sales and Support
Foula heads up strategy at Ouch! handling new business and sales channel development, as well as relationship building with strategic partners. Foula holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology which she puts to excellent use in her role at Ouch! With both internal and external stakeholders, Foula works toward developing and helping people to work and function at their best. This includes advising our clients and partners on optimised strategies and helping members of the Ouch! team to reach their full potential – ultimately to the benefit of our clients and Ouch! itself. Foula prides herself on her ability to build strong strategic partnerships and believes strongly in working towards an upward trajectory for any business – something that she puts into practice daily both for Ouch! and our clients.