Build discipline Build Profit Starter Pack

R999.00 inc VAT


Do you struggle to make profits no matter how hard you work? Do you feel the sweat is not worth the money you get from your business?

Undisciplined staff is a huge underlying factor to consider when you realise your company is inefficient.

Kevin, our CEO, has been consulting with clients about time and attendance and running a disciplined organisation for over 25 years. He consults with multi-generational private businesses of R500 million annual income and up. You can see some of his other services here

He decided it was time to help the lifeblood of our world economy (the SME’s) with the same techniques he has used so successfully. Kevin personally put together this program for small and medium enterprises that will guide you to achieve great success with your employees. A disciplined workforce is an effective workforce.

This program is a “How to” manual that shows you how to implement a tried and tested system that will give you the following:

    • Put rules in place around time and attendance in your business
    • Show you how to enforce these rules consistently
    • Help you build a positive reward system for great employee behavior
    • Ensure more engaged employees
    • Help you be a better leader to your people

By implementing these systems Kevin recently saw a 700% return on the initial investment from the client. You could have the same if you purchase this program.

It is really easy to follow and if you implement this and you don’t see any change in your business, we’ll give you, your money back.

You won’t be disappointed and at this price, it’s a no-brainer.

The pack includes the following digital documents that are crucial to your success:

Feature Benefit to you
A “how to guide“ Takes you step by step through the process of building a culture of discipline
Standard Time and attendance policy A standard policy that any business should have on attendance
A positive reward system A process that you will need to reward good behaviour

Code of conduct


Deciding on the right action for a specific offense in your business is important. This rule set explains what the correct course of action is for every attendance offense

Job Description Template



A detailed job description that guides you the owner/manager to think deeply about what it is the employee will do, what objectives he/she needs to achieve and who their leadership is.

Counseling notice template


A document that is used in the disciplinary process. Used on the first occurrence of an offense.

Written warning template


This document is used as a stronger warning to an employee after the initial counseling
Final written warning template This is the strongest deterrent for bad employee behavior and the final document that is served to the employee before dismissal.