How to manage your money – the basics

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How to manage your money – the basics

Get out of debt NOW! and start building the future you want.


Course Outline

1. Top 20 misconceptions about money and debt

2. Earning and spending money and your value

3. Build an earning and a spending plan

4. Get out of debt fast!

5. A savings plan to become wealthy

6. Buying or renting property? What do I do?

Advantages to the employee

  • Their spending will be structured and controlled to prevent binge spending and over-extending their money
  • They will learn how to think about income and how to earn additional income
  • They will learn that part of freedom is being debt free
  • The candidate will be knowledgeable about money and debt and be able to make sound financial decisions
  • They will be able to make sound decisions about buying or renting a home depending on the phase of life they’re in

Benefits to the organisation

  • If your employees know how money works, they will be more prudent in their dealings with company spending
  • Employees will be able to maximise their money, thereby lessening the load on the company to keep increasing salaries unnecessarily due to poor decision making on the part of the employee
  • Employees will be content, because they have learnt that they are in control of their own financial freedom
  • Employees will be free from worries of debt and catastrophic events and be able to focus fully on their objectives at work