Ouch! Mobile App

The Ouch! Mobile App


Our mobile app, is a user friendly platform that allows you to manage time and attendance on the go, or remotely. The app provides an alternative to using clocking units and enables employees that do not work from a central or fixed location to still clock in and capture working hours, leave and much more.

The app fills in the time and attendance management gap for employees who work outside of business premises or individuals who are always on the go. This makes it ideally suited to sales reps, consultants, managers, drivers etc. Those that could previously not clock can now do so from their mobile phone from anywhere in the world!

  • Our app is free to download
  • Clock IN/OUT on your own device
  • GPS position stored
  • View recent transactions on screen
  • Android & iPhone compatible
  • Ideal for employees on the move
  • Transaction comment option
  • Can set up authorised clocking areas