Software Solutions


Our system is 100% at cloud-based which means you can access your account anywhere, anytime.

What is a cloud-based system and what makes it the best choice?

  • All data, transactions and employee details are protected and retrieved by the Ouch! server
  • Accurate date and time keeping, this is because the system is linked to the world clock
  • No cables between units and computers
  • Remote access to all data through the Messenger software
  • The system collects and transfers all data from all units to the cloud and generates reports


Ouch! Messenger Software Features:

  • Comprehensive employee database
  • Transaction editing facility
  • Hours Adjustment editing facility
  • Shift movement function to move employees between shifts and leave
  • Customisable leave reason codes
  • On demand report functionality
  • Export to payroll software which uses ASCII, TXT and CSV files
  • Highly customizable shift back-end including holiday calendar
  • Easy wage function and pay slip generation for clients with less than 35 employees


Ouch! Reporting

  • Over 25 different reports are available, including Absentee, Late Arrival, Lost Time, Attendance, Time Sheets And Summary reports.
  • Scheduled reports are sent via email and or SMS to our clients. Clients choose which reports they would like to receive and when they would like to receive them.
  • On Demand Reports for your desired timeframe can be drawn from the system at any time.